Hello December!

It’s my favorite month of the year not only because it’s my birth month but because I’ve always associated December with family reunions, mouth-watering food, friend’s get-togethers, gifts, love, and laughter.

Our family has built this tradition of gathering at one home every Christmas eve. As a child back then, I loved receiving gifts and playing with my cousins. Usually we would just see each other during family outings and Christmas eve so it’s something that all of us are always looking forward to.

My father and uncle together with my brothers as helpers would cook lechon for our Noche Buena. My father’s family is from Cebu, that’s why they know how to cook a delicious lechon. It’s so tasty you wouldn’t need a sauce for it. While the men are busy with lechon, the women are busy cooking other dishes and desserts.

The way we’re celebrating Christmas eve has changed a lot as years went by. From just karaoke, to playing bingo, having games for adults and kids, goofing around, enjoying some drinks, and last year we stayed at our favorite vacation house in Tali beach. But one memory that I will never forget was when we gathered, prayed the rosary together as a family, and every after one mystery, we would listen to a Don Moen song for further reflection. I think it was also the time when we had an open forum. It was very emotional because almost everyone became vulnerable.

Since 2015, we’ve also had our Christmas t-shirt. But this year I’m still not sure if we will have one or what will happen on Christmas eve. While the family has grown because now there are already little kids, circumstances have changed a lot because some are already living abroad, while others have health issues. It may be different now but one thing remains the same, our family is important to us. No matter what challenges and differences we have, family will always be family. And December will always be dear to us.

I wish you a joyful and meaningful new month!

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Photo by Laura James on Pexels

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