Eiffel in Love

“The feeling of home is not tied to a specific place or belongings. Rather it’s a familiar place. An old memory. The feeling of belonging. The essence of freedom and comfort. It’s good to be home, but also good to know that this feeling will always be with me wherever I go.” —Sophie, Malama Life

It was a bit gloomy, cold and windy that day but I didn’t mind because finally, this moment came. After just a short walk from the metro station, I saw the Eiffel tower.

I couldn’t remember the time when I first dreamt of seeing it. I’ve read and heard remarks that said, nothing is special about it, that Paris is overrated, dirty surroundings, many scammers and the attitude of some locals are a bit shitty. Despite everything, I still longed to see it in person and to visit Paris one day.

As soon as I set foot on Gare du Nord, I was so happy! It’s different from what I felt when I first arrived in Amsterdam and Seville. I also didn’t know why and what exactly made me feel so connected to the place. It’s like a childhood dream that finally came true. This may not be a big deal for many but for me it wasn’t easy to travel, more so in Europe.

I’ve always wondered why I like certain places more than the other, part of it is because of the company I’m with and the rest, I think is because I feel home, that I belong, that something in there deeply touched my soul…despite Europe being miles and miles away from my home country.

I will be leaving Europe soon, but I will forever treasure all the memories I had. I will never forget all my firsts. I will never forget how Amsterdam, Seville and of course, how and what Paris made me feel. I don’t know about it being the city of love but while I was there, I’ve always found myself thinking, “when I go back, I’ll be with my other half…”

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