It’s been a while since my last post here. I also have not checked WordPress since then so basically, I feel like starting over again.

Rainy days are already here and as I’m typing this, I can see a couple walking in the rain. Taking their sweet time. Anyway, I saw in the news earlier that there was an earthquake this morning but I wonder why I didn’t feel it. I was surprised because I would usually wake up even at the slightest earthquake. Maybe I was so tired from not having a good sleep since the start of May.

I really have this bad habit of overthinking especially when I’m dealing with lots of documents and I’m not familiar with the process. But thank God it’s over and now I’m just hoping for the best.

Okay. The very reason that I’m writing today is because I just want to breathe, to vent a little. Since the past month, I would easily get irritated when others wouldn’t do something that I expected them to do. Very simple things like, cleaning as you go, putting things back to where they belong after you use them, etc. It’s annoying that I have to keep on reminding them. Or saying things that will just end up on deaf ears.

It’s okay if I have more free time and sad to say, my free time was just being spent cleaning! It’s sooo frustrating. I really lost my cool today, but when I come back here in my room, I felt bad too. I didn’t say bad things, just my hopeless wish for them to care enough, but still I felt bad for getting mad.

Because of what happened, I was reminded to “just breathe”…something that my Buddhist friend told me before — that it’s all in the breathing. And true enough, I calmed down after just a few deep breaths. My mind a bit clearer now.

Sometimes I wonder what all these online communications really mean. Why do we meet some people, get close to them and then you would lose touch for some reasons. I’m grateful that even though I lost touch with some, at least we were in good terms, and for me, they will always be my friends. I’m feeling nostalgic now…I’ll just talk to you again on my next post…

PS. If you liked any of my posts or if it helped you in any way, I would love to fika with you! — BuyMeACoffee

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