When a Little Means a Lot

If there’s one thing I learned about kids is that they love routines. Every time I do something with my niece, she would expect me to do the same thing, at almost the same time every single day.

It doesn’t have to be something grand or fancy. Sometimes my niece just wanted to hang out in my room while I was working. Other times she just wanted us to draw. When I told her I couldn’t draw, she would say, “I’ll teach you!” No excuses allowed. Lol. Lately she would ask me every afternoon if I’m already done with my work because if I did, she would invite me to hang out at the back of our car in the garage. Just chatting, watching movies and short stories, or people watching. We would then have our snack and when it starts to get dark, I would tell her that we should already go inside our home, she never disagreed. I could tell that she’s happy and contented even if we only shared very simple activities.

I took this beautiful sunset sky (featured photo) earlier today while we were hanging out. The other day we saw two rainbows but I was only able to capture one. Rainbows always make us happy. It’s like a reminder to stay hopeful and look at the brighter side of things.

My niece, although she’s still too young, taught me to find joy and meaning in mundane activities. She’s a fantastic listener too. I once told her about a story back in my elementary days. I thought she’s not paying attention because she was playing at that time. But whenever I would try to retell the story, she would tell me exactly what I said in the past. And most of all she remembers my favorites — color, food, songs, etc. She’s amazing!

For sure she enjoys new toys and other material things but I can definitely say that she appreciates quality time more than anything. And I really love that in her. I just hope that she doesn’t grow up too fast…

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