How did we come to this day when everything seems to happen in an instant and then end in a heartbeat? Everyone wants a lasting love but no one wants to stay longer anymore. No one wants to have a good fight together. No one wants to stay strong for each other anymore…

Is it because of technology? The effects of what we’re seeing in the movies? Or is it because we are constantly wanting to know more, be more, be the best and own the best? Without even thinking how it will affect the people we’re leaving behind…

How come some people have turned cold and indifferent. How come there are too many options but more and more souls are getting lost and have a hard time finding a home… 

How in the world would someone call for unity and peace when every word she speaks is full of hatred and false accusations? Why would someone call people names just because they want to, then cry foul when a similar thing was done to them? How come a man would treat his wife badly then expect her to serve him with love and respect?

I really don’t understand. And maybe it’s best to not know and understand everything. At the end of the day, being alive in this crazy world will always be such a blessing. Choose the people who choose you. Cherish the people who are always there for you. And as they say, when someone makes you happy, make them happier.

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Written for Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday – How

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