You’ll Never Know

When I saw this photo, I immediately remembered something cute but a sad memory when I was a teenager…

My sister just got home from work and told me that one of her colleagues would go on a vacation and asked her if she can take care of the fish while she’s away. Without second thoughts, I volunteered to take care of it. It’s just in a fish bowl and really low maintenance, which I like.

I didn’t know how I’d go about it at first because I always have this weird sensation whenever I touch animals. But surprisingly, I enjoyed taking care of the fish. It was so small, so cute! Every time I would change the water and take her out of the bowl, she would wiggle in my hand and although it felt weird to me, I was happy.

During the initial days, my tiny friend looked like she’s going through something. Like a person who isn’t excited about life. Haha! But I continued to feed her, change the water and talk to her when we’re alone in the room. I felt like finally I enjoyed taking care of other living things. Because I always say, I’d rather take care of a child than have pets.

As days went by, I noticed she’s becoming more lively and that made me happy as well. When my sister said it’s time to return the fish to its owner, I had the blues, I just wanted to keep her for myself.

After a few weeks, my sister shared that the fish was gone. It accidentally got flushed in the sink. I couldn’t believe it! I really should have asked the owner if I could keep the fish instead 😞

This reminds me that sometimes we don’t really know what will make us happy. Not until we try new things even if it scares us at first, go to new places, or experience a different adventure. I never had any “pet” after that but one thing’s for sure, I will never forget those brief but meaningful moments I shared with my cute little friend.

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Photo by Sadiq Nafee on Unsplash

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