Just Don’t

i’m all by myself doing fine
basking in the warmth of sunshine
and then i saw you
the next thing i knew
we were already enjoying ourselves

everything went well
it seemed like a fairy tale
we spent more and more time together
until one day fights started
one after another

what happened my dear?
i thought it was me and you
but why did i see you with her?
did you awaken my love
just to fill the void in you?

and after you found her
you left me here alone
in the middle of nowhere
doubting, losing my glow, dying;
i got it, i was just a placeholder.

you left me without a warning
you didn’t even care about me hurting
well i should have known better
so next time my dear
don’t awaken my love, just don’t…

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Photo by Yana Hurskaya on Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows an earthen jug filled with red tulips. The vase/ jug is sitting on old stone steps.

Written for Sadje’s What Do You See #127 photo prompt

10 thoughts on “Just Don’t

    1. Weng says:

      We’re in the era of almost unlimited options, so easy to meet people nowadays. And because of that, some people always wonder if there’s someone better out there. Essentially there are many “better” people but that’s when love will be tested. Your love for your partner will make him/her stand out from everyone. Thank you so much for being here! =)


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