Like No Other

many waking moments
the old moon would greet her,
giving a reminder
of another lovely day.

she’d look to her side
smiling but teary-eyed,
she’d say a little prayer
then kiss God’s gift to her.

welcome to her day!
tiring but she never complained.
no matter how exhausting,
she’s always ready to slay.

she’s got a heart of gold,
strong but never cold.
she’d rather serve than to be served,
always been a selfless soul.

with her everyday routine
how come she’s never bored?
taking care of everyone
is never an easy chore.

but she’s a woman of strength
a living example of paradox.
she’s God’s love made tangible,
that’s why she’s irreplaceable.

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Photo from Pinterest

Written for Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Mother

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