Thank You

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel…” — Maya Angelou

As someone who is sentimental, Maya Angelou’s words really resonated with me. I immediately thought about it when I woke up to a comment that was so unexpected. It was made on a post that is very special for me but has the least views then. It’s too personal so I didn’t expect that someone would also appreciate it.

Messages like this motivate me to continue writing. I’m definitely not “a very good person” but someone thanking you for being who you are…is heartwarming.

Last night a friend shared that she’s afraid to put her writing out there because the first time she did, she was humiliated. But I encouraged her not to let that incident stop her from doing what she’s truly passionate about. Anything that allows us to express ourselves, that for me is art. And life is art. So if we repress our emotions or silence our voice for some reason, we will always feel that something is missing.

Few engagements don’t necessarily mean that your art is not good. Maybe you just don’t have the right audience on a specific platform. Continue to create, eventually, you’ll find your tribe. And you don’t need many, just the people who genuinely appreciate you and your creation.

And who knows, maybe because of you showing up against all odds, someone will be inspired to do the same. Just like in love and life, you’re not everyone’s cup of tea and you’re not supposed to be.

P.S. To the person who posted the comment, thank you. You have no idea how your words have encouraged me.

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5 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. DL says:

    Hey, thanks for your words ! I am glad you liked my comment ! I just wanted to share my feelings concerning your poems.

    I know exactly what are the kind of feelings you express, I lived it, so I can relate completely to the message. And as I said, only a good and sincere person can write such things with talent and honesty in the same time so don’t doubt that you are a good person !

    Concerning audiences, beautiful poetry and words are not for everyone anyway, many people in our era became too thick of mind for tasting subtle and beautiful things, they are addict to all kinds of garbage, are cynical and of course never search for poetry or sincere words anywhere. So it’s normal to stay more or less confidential on the web with it.

    But you are absolutely right : if only one or two human beings somewhere can be touched by your words then it is worth the effort to share it after all.

    It has more value than you can think.
    Many people can just read one day without letting comments but in their heart they will be happy to have known your words. You will never know them but they will know what you wrote and be interested by the message. Maybe they will find some comfort and feel better if they were sad, like me yesterday, so thanks to you for that. It’s like healing people at distance.

    Anyway you seem to have an audience of some nice people who let you know what they like generally so that’s a good thing. You are not alone !

    For me I am not a wordpress user and I am “silent” most of the time but I will keep checking your blog regularly if you continue to post things and I will maybe sometimes come back for reading again what I liked.

    Have a nice day.

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    1. Weng says:

      I may not know you, but thank you so much for your kind words. You can actually have your own blog. You are very articulate! What you said was exactly what I wanted for my blog. That the readers will feel a little less sad or lonely after reading my posts. I’ve read some blogs in the past that have helped me during my lowest points in life and the least that I can do is to pay it forward in my own little way.

      I’m lucky that I’ve crossed paths with the welcoming and supportive bloggers here as well as readers like you. And as you said, it’s worth the courage and effort to share. Again, thank you. Have a great weekend!


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