A Daring Escape

a few years ago
she wandered in the wilderness.
lived like a ghost,
lost and long-forgotten soul.

met a bunch of ephemerals
who vanished with the sunset
like morning glories
and fair-weather friends.

encouraged to be real,
but that they couldn’t handle still.
baffled and hopeless,
she just caved in.

one day she crossed paths
with souls that seemed like her own,
silver linings in the clouds,
she couldn’t help but get paranoid.

why would they stay?
they aren’t supposed to.
very soon they will go away
and that, i know for sure.

so she lived and just let herself be
showed parts of her
she’s afraid for everyone to see
so liberating, so free.

and yet, these kindred spirits stayed
like the smell of freshly brewed coffee,
that lingered in the air,
way longer than she thought it would…

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Photo by John Noonan on Unsplash
For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a black colored full face mask held in both hands of a person, not shown in the frame.

Written in response to What Do You See #126 prompt by Sadje

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