You Cannot, But You Can

“You cannot reason out??”

complete silence.
she looked at everyone
and they were all looking back at her,
waiting for an answer…


hands as cold as ice, her heart was pounding,
and tears ready to fall.
she tried to speak but couldn’t utter a word,
so the answer never came…

“What a shame!”

i thought she’s smart.
that’s what they say…
but why can’t she speak her mind!
well, maybe she’s not good at all.


she can write,
and express herself better with it.
can do other things fairly well too,
just not the things that you want her to.


so you see,
not everyone is good at all things.
maybe you can dance,
but can’t carry a tune.

maybe you can cook delicious meals,
but your plating skills don’t have an appeal.
you can do many other  things,
but can’t be a master of everything.

lucky are those
who seem to have it all.
but for many, we can’t always have
the best of both worlds.

and maybe that’s okay,
maybe that’s how life is meant to be.
to keep us grounded or to remind you and me
to live a life that’s meaningful yet low-key.

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