it’s getting colder as time goes by
not just the weather but people too
of solitude and loneliness
indifference and not following through

i wonder what’s happening
and why everything changes in an instant
what used to be a cozy feeling
has now become cold and distant

i long for that warmth
the kind that melts my heart away
i long for an embrace
the kind that moves me and makes me sway

in that place of solace
unbothered by the thick snow
cuddling each other by the furnace
we are home, and that’s how we know…

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Photo by Sean Boyd on Unsplash
The image shows a rough track leading to a cottage in the woods. The track is bound on both sides with a wooden fence. There is a layer of snow on the ground.

Written in response to What Do You See #125 prompt by Sadje

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