Quick Trip to Tagaytay

“Everyone loves surprises. That’s why unplanned trips are the best one.”

What’s supposed to be just a visit turned out to be an unexpected trip. It was December 2015 when I last went to Tagaytay with my family so our trip today was something fun and special to me.

First stop: La Josephina Coffee & Pastries in Amadeo, Cavite — which is known to be the coffee capital of the Philippines. The coffee shop is newly opened and owned by my aunt’s friend. You can check them out if you’re in the area.

Second stop: Sky Ranch Amusement Park primarily because of my niece, nephew and younger cousin. I only tried the Super Viking, although it was fun, screaming while wearing a mask made the ride more challenging. I also realized that I was already too old for this kind of ride. Maybe next time I’ll just try a more relaxed one, like a carousel. LOL.

Third and last stop before going back home: Pink Sisters Chapel and Convent. It was my first time there and we’re lucky to arrive just before the gospel reading. I remember back in high school, some movie theaters offered free passes for students but the options for movies to watch were limited to certain types like historical or about religion. One time, my friends and I chose to watch a movie about the life of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo. I remember most of us, including me, thought about becoming a nun after watching it. That dream of mine only lasted for several months. But every time I’d see nuns, I was always reminded of my old dream.

Phones should be off during the mass so I was only able to take pictures afterwards. The nuns wearing pink were in front seats of the chapel and there’s a divider between their seats and the regular mass attendees. While looking at them, I couldn’t help but wonder, what if I pursued to become a nun before? Will I be in a better place spiritually? Will I even be deserving to become one? Hmmm…just two of the many questions that I have before I go to bed tonight.

And because I couldn’t sleep, I just decided to open my laptop again and write about this. Couldn’t think of anything more to add right now. But I’m thankful for this day and I hope that despite everything you’re going through, you also had something good that happened before the new week starts. Until next time!

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