Finally, Boracay!

“The sea, once it casts its spell,
holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Boracay is one of the most famous white beaches here in the Philippines. Many tourists flock to the island during holidays, especially summer. I’ve always wanted to visit but I don’t know exactly why it took me this long.

I remember one time when I was talking to a client who was based in North America. While we were troubleshooting something, he was kind enough to have some chit chat. He said he’s been to Boracay and Palawan. He talked about how beautiful the places were and how much he enjoyed his stay. He then asked me if I’ve been there already since I live in the Philippines. As embarrassed as I was, I said I haven’t yet.

Honestly, I felt a bit bad after that conversation. How could it be that a foreigner was the one telling me to visit the places in my home country? Fast forward many years later, not only was I able to visit Boracay, but I went there with my family! It’s supposed to be a family reunion with my sister and her husband but because of the pandemic, their flight was cancelled.

I tried to make our vacation as smooth sailing as I’d like but things happened. The person who was supposed to fetch us from the airport to the hotel wasn’t answering my call. We ended up just commuting and it wasn’t bad at all. One of my brothers had problems with his back and couldn’t stand or even sit for a time. We almost lost his bag while buying souvenirs and our island hopping tour wasn’t successful because of the weather condition. Despite everything, we still enjoyed our stay!

Before the trip, I told myself that I would take as many photos and videos as I could. I even thought of vlogging. Guess what happened? I barely used my phone to take pictures/videos and I didn’t even try to vlog. I just enjoyed every moment. Fortunately, my brothers took many pictures so I just asked for copies =)

Now I have something to reminisce about and look back. I miss being there. The island vibe, talking with some locals, early morning breakfast, strolling on the beach afterwards. Swimming despite the algae and thinking where to eat for lunch. After lunch, go back to the beach, swim and think about what and where to eat for dinner. LOL. That’s how a vacation should be, right?

Early morning stroll in Station 1 to check out Willy’s Rock or commonly known to Filipinos as Grotto
Sand castle. I forgot the name of this island but this is part of the island hopping tour.
The boat that we used for island hopping.
Sunset…not the best shot but who cares? I was able to enjoy the scene without the need to document everything.

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